Commercial terms and conditions and terms of payment

1. Product information
The information about our products are contained in this catalogue, which is updated every year and contains information about standard products.
The catalogue contains electrical and mechanical parameters of manufactured components.
We also manufacture non-standard products to custom orders – these are products for which special accessories are usually being prepared. 
We also publish our trade offer containing a list of transformers in continuous production. It is being currently updated and contains also additional products offered by our Warehouse.
All products manufactured by our Plant are divided into two categories: in continuous production – C (on stock in Warehouse), and made to orders – Z. 
Our products meet the requirements of the EN 61558 standards and other arrangements with our contracting parties, as well as have all necessary certificates. In 2008 we shall start applying for international certificates (KEMA KEUR, VDE), and in 2009 for the ISO 9000 Management System Certificate.
Additionally, we would like to inform you that we use a new family of transformers made of special materials.
Additional information about our products can be obtained from our Sales Department, at the Warehouse, at our Authorised Trade Agents, and on our website (
Upon requests, we supply information materials, applications, samples, etc.

2. Placing and execution of orders
Orders are accepted in written format by:
- fax,
- e-mail,
- post,
- delivered in person.
After the receipt of the order, the Sales Department and the Warehouse send confirmation of its realisation with specified date, price, form of payment and the method of the delivery. 
    Standard dates of order execution are 3-4 weeks in the autumn/winter season, and 2-3 weeks in the spring/summer season.
Our Plant manufactures products exclusively against orders. Immediate realisation of orders for products in continuous production (C) is executed by the Warehouse, and other products are made after the placement of the order.
    The Warehouse also has storage and logistics base allowing for fast and efficient dispatching of deliveries.
Order cancellation can be accepted if the manufacturing cycle of a given product has not been started and the materials used for its production are used by us as a standard. Additionally, it is possible to withdraw from the order for components if they bar the C marking (continuous production) and they are accepted by the Warehouse.
He parties bear no responsibility for partial or complete failure to execute the contract in the result of occurrence of Force Majeure, such as strikes, riots, war, disasters, etc., which occurred after the signature of the contract and remained totally beyond the control of the parties. A party may excuse with the “Force Majeure” provided the other party is immediately informed in writing about the existing circumstances.

3. Prices, discounts
The sales prices of our products are specified in the Price Catalogue and the Offer. They are valid from the date of their approval by the Management Board until the next change of prices.
    Prices of products made to custom orders are established separately.
    The prices at the Plant, at the Warehouse and at Authorised Trade Agents are the same.
Discounts are granted on the basis of the size and the frequency of place orders, monthly turnovers and the time of co-operation. The decisions about the discounts are made by the Sales Department with the approval of the President.
    In case of regular orders and long-term co-operation additional discounts are granted.
    The Warehouse grants discounts in consultation with the Plant, and Authorised Trade Agents are free to do so at their discretion.
We conclude Trade Contracts with our regular Customers allowing both parties for specification of the frames of the cooperation so that it is most efficient and most profitable for both parties.   

4. Payment forms
    We use the following forms of payment:
a) cash
b) advance payments
c) deferred term of payment – bank transfer
d) with transfer confirmation
e) payment on delivery
The application of an appropriate form of payment is decided by the Sales Department. The following factors are taken into consideration: the size and the frequency of placed orders, monthly turnovers and the time of co-operation.
    Contracting parties placing regular orders and the ones we co-operate on regular basis enjoy additional preferences. 

5. Dispatching, packaging
Ordered goods are delivered by shipping companies, using our own transport or they are collected in person by the ordering party. The dispatching method is specified on the order confirmation. 
Used by us standard packaging includes cardboard boxes sealed with adhesive tape. The packaging bears the type, the quantity and the name of the person who packed the products.

6. Product quality and guarantee
All our transformers meet the requirements of the EN 61558 standards and other arrangements with our contracting parties, as well as have all necessary certificates. During the manufacturing process, they are repeatedly subjected to intermediate inspections and to the final inspection. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee top quality of our products and we are leaders on the Polish market in this respect. Our products also meet with recognition on foreign markets. We grant 12-month guarantee for all our products, however, not longer than 24 months from the date of manufacturing. In case of custom contracts, this period can be additionally extended.

7. Warehouse, authorised trade agents
The Company has a central Warehouse in Warsaw, where products in continuous production intended for immediate sales are stored. The Warehouse deals with the deliveries to Authorised Trade Agents and all individual customers and distributors. The Warehouse provides supplies to manufacturing companies using our standard products. Local sales of our products is conducted by Authorised Trade Agents providing supplies to individual distributors and companies operating within their respective areas.  
8. INDEL trademark protection
    We hereby inform that INDEL trademark is legally protected and we reserve the copyrights to all markings of our products and the contents of this catalogue.

9. Marking of products
We hereby inform that our Company has its own product marking system. Non-standard products made in short batches – up to 10 pieces – are marked with the order numbers and the year of manufacture. However, if a single order for a certain product reaches 10 or more pieces, then serial marking is assigned to such product. Depending on the product, this marking includes its type, consecutive production number, parameters – power, voltage, current, type of design, etc.

10. Quick orders
We hereby inform that on 01.12.2005 we launched quick path of execution of short orders up to 5 pieces. The standard period of quick orders is 3 to 7 working days. This period depends on the availability of all materials.

   Yours sincerely,

ZPI INDEL Sp. z o.o.