Dear Sirs!

    We have the pleasure to present the catalogue of transformers, power packs and electronic devices being in the production program of our Company to you.

About the INDEL Group

    INDEL Group rose in 1995 after integrating the trading company from Warsaw into the production company from Brzeziny. INDEL Group is one of the largest companies producing and delivering transformers and powering devices in Poland. As the only company in the country we have the widest range of products – the over 3000 positions included in this catalogue, from what over 1300 available is from the magazine for the immediate sale. 

    Our group consists of two companies:
- of production ZPI INDEL Co. Ltd. in Brzeziny - serving producers
- distribution – wholesale company INDEL from Warsaw - supporting trading companies, producers and retail sales.


    ZPI production INDEL Co Ltd. specializes in the production of transformers, inductive elements, power packs and electronic devices.     
Our greatest advantages are a wide assortment of the production, a best quality of offered products, the largest network of sales representatives and the fastest time of the delivery. Our products are produced for Polish and foreign contractors. 
    In 1998 we started production of toroidal transformers, and a year later poured over transformers based on West-European constructions.
In 2003 we began the production of a wide assortment of plugged power packs, standalone and to the racks.  We are constructing and gradually inserting different electronic devices into the production so as: voltages reducers, battery chargers, rectifiers, voltage boosters, electronic transformers, voltage stabilisers, emergency power supply systems, net filters and other different filters in the principal measure based on transformers.
    Thanks to long-standing experience and perfect performances of our products we have got renown and regard of our customers in Poland and abroad.  Our production is carried out largely automatically and semi-automatic.
    Our transformers are designed and made according to the highest world standards, with the best components thanks to they are meeting the highest requirements put by special devices (e.g. military, medical, mining, railroad).  They are being subjected to the rigorous control and therefore they are reliable as well as they are meeting the highest quality requirements.
    Our products are being applied in many different businesses so as electronics, electrotechnology, energetics, automation, illumination, power supply alerts and protections, medicine, in the professional equipment as well as of universal use.


    Wholesale company INDEL from Warsaw was established in 1991.  Our company is one and only distributor in Poland with specializing in the professional sale of transformers and power packs mainly of products of the production plant in Brzeziny. 
    We are also distributing electronic and electrotechnical materials of different producers and suppliers from Poland and of foreign countries, of whom the participation in the sale from the year for the year is more and more bigger.
    From 1996 we have the network of authorised sales representatives in entire Poland which is systematically extended and enlarged.  In 2005 we started forming the abroad distributors web - on Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Ukraine.  In plans are next countries and recruiting next distributors.  Through our representatives we are reaching many companies and individual recipients.  In year 2005 the wholesale company got the certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft. and fulfilments of requiring the ISO 9001:2000 norm in the scope of electronic and electrotechnical distributions of materials.
    Our success is based on the fast availability of a wide assortment of offered goods by holding constant stock states what allows for the immediate order processing, attractive conditions of the cooperation assurance and high-quality fo the offered products.  Solid and partner cooperation with authorised sales representatives and Distributors supported with good marketing and the advertisement letting for building the mutual confidence and the double-sided commercial success. 

    Catalogue contains the list of the detailed information and technical parameters of ZPI products INDEL Co. Ltd. in Brzeziny, as well as of different commercial products supplementing our assortment.
    The catalogue is showing standard products produced in the INDEL Company.  Untypical performances of transformers and devices designed for individual orders not taken hold in this catalogue constitute the majority of the production.
    On account of the constant development of the structure and changes of specifications, INDEL company is reserving itself the right of changes ransformers, power packs and electronic devices parameters being in the production program of our Company.